Are you ready to survive the post-pandemic? Problems and their solutions

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty” – Winston Churchill

Hola Amigos!! Hope all of you are safe and sound from the corona. The world is undergoing a large crisis right now. Governments have announced lockdown in several countries. Around 2.7 billion people are staying in their homes. As a result, the economy of the world market has dropped immensely. This has disturbed the lives of several people. The end date of the pandemic is unpredictable.

Wuhan, China was the first infected city by corona in December 2019. And after several months the lockdown was lifted. Media says that life has not returned to normal, even when the streets are open to the public. The reason is that they still carry fear in their hearts. Newyork Times says that normal life is a distant dream in Wuhan. So, what would our situation be? Are you worried about our future?

I have backed you up with a few problems and their solutions that I figured through my analysis and their solutions. Let’s all be strong to face the future of this pandemic period.

1. Dominance of technology

There are two worlds. The world that has no technology and the one that can not survive without technology. I will be addressing them as the analog and the digital worlds respectively. The analog world has traditional physical stores, clubs, restaurants, harbors, hotels, airports, etc. And the digital world is where technology is the spine of everything.

Problem – The analog world is shut down in several countries to control the spread of the virus. But the digital world has reached the peaks during these lock-down days. One of the key factors that connect us with our loved ones is social media.

Everyone at home is somehow connected via social media. Employees work from home on their respective sites, kids attend online classes using various video call apps and homemakers check for different recipes or tv series on youtube. This shows that the public is gradually accepting technology in all aspects of their lives.

Therefore, in the post-pandemic period, technology will fly higher. There is a higher chance of tech companies being dominant. I would say that eventually, the digital world would completely take over the analog world. Then what about the life of analog world workers?

Solution – Worrying and feeling about this situation doesn’t give you an answer to the problem. But facing it boldly will show you ways and give you opportunities to take over. The secret mantra is to adapt to this change. Life still has to go on. Holding on to the analog world has no meaning in the rapidly changing world. Try inducing technology into your business. I am sure you will have more profit with this change as it will have a faster reach among the customers.

2. WFH

Most of the companies in Sri Lanka, do not practice “work from home” strategy. Many companies have started WFH as a pilot project. And the pandemic has proved that employees can work from home and there is no need for a building (office) as long as you have the required items to do your job role. Apart from the employees the kids also have started adopting e-learning technologies.

All sectors have accepted technologies in their industries. Let it be education, financial sectors, medical units, entertainment, retail, transportation, and communication are making use of different technologies. The world is gradually marching towards adopting technology throughout.

Problem – WFH!! Now that is a word people don’t prefer much to hear from the time of this pandemic. This is because we are used to working in the office environment. So, working at home becomes quite challenging in terms of attire, time, environment, needed devices, etc.

Solution – According to my perception, I would suggest setting up your workspace. Before you start work, dress up as if you are going to the office (this helps you feel the office environment). Maintain healthy boundaries. At around 11 am take a break to prepare lunch. Stretch yourself well. Walk away from the screen. After lunch return back to work. When it is time to wind up, leave the place. Get into your comfortable clothes and have a cup of coffee. Spend the rest of the evening in doing what you like. Building a routine would help you. It also would help you in balancing work and life.

3. Fragile Economy

Corona has hit the world economy exceptionally. Every country expected to return to normal life in two weeks, but it failed. The impact of the virus is high. This has made governments to lock down the streets for more than a month. The value of Lankan rupee has been depreciating against the US dollar.

Big companies like apple, amazon, Microsoft, etc. have lost crores of their wages. But small businesses have greater impacts due to the virus.

Problem – Due to the fragile economy, small businesses and several companies are undergoing a huge loss. This will lead to unemployment. The vacancy rate at companies will decrease.

Solution – First, I would highly suggest you be strong during these days. It is always better to share your problem with someone you trust than, bottling it up in your mind. Protecting your mental health is the most important. Stay with your family members and speak about your problem. You will feel relieved. It works!

Next, my suggestion would be to try ways you can earn from home. There are several opportunities to work online. You either can be an online tutor, online trainer, virtual assistant, writer, or maybe a freelancer. If you are not good at online jobs, you can try being an entrepreneur. No wonder! Technology does take over the world.

Lessons learned from the pandemic

Apart from the above-analyzed problems, there are a few lessons learned. Do you have any idea about what mama nature is trying to communicate with us? She has tried to show us the following realities of life. I consider them as the positive sides of the virus.

a. The earth regenerates at a faster rate when there is less interference of human.

b. Necessity comes before luxury

c. Virus doesn’t check if the person is rich or poor

d. Importance of being hygienic

e. People can survive without eating junk food

f. Importance of a family

g. Doctors and nurses are real heroes

h. Modified habits and values

i. Importance of social distancing

j. “We” is stronger than “Me”

Final Word

It is never late to start anything. Stop thinking and start working. Your effort today will always be paid in the future. There are several opportunities for the person who tries to see the brighter side of life. Be positive!

This post was written based on one of my reader’s request. Please share your thoughts about what you would like to hear from me in the comment box below. Looking forward to publishing my next post on the essential doctors in everyone’s life.

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